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There will be fics afoot soon.

Two, to be exact: one from Fire Emblem: Awakening and one from Slayers!

Yay scribbles! And hopefully then I can get back to writing more and more, and actually finish series that people still read, despite being old and suspiciously dusty!

I dunno :D
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Now I have not only two FE:A icons, but I made them! They're from the Japanese artbook, the very same one that Terry gave me for my birthday. I didn't scan them, but I made the icons. I won't say her name, but I love her!
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So, I recognise my penchant for breaking promises when it comes to updating the mundane-ity that is my life, but at least it's less about laziness and apathy and all about CONSUMING TACTICS VIDEO GAMES. If you could guess which one I mean by the subject header alone, you are awesome to me and I demand we discuss further, since you are at least as far as I am. If you aren't, then I will tell you that I am hopelessly addicted to Fire Emblem: Awakening.

I know, I know - not only do I usually hate tactics games, but I also suck at them. But the thing is, I've always loved the Fire Emblem series, at least from afar. When I had to take care of a dear friend of mine after a brutal car accident, she played the GBA version non-stop, and only stopped when one of her characters died and the battle was lost.

That's why I've never played any of the games before this one: I fucking hate perma-death. It's mean, and unfair! Why can't they just pass out?!! Well, apparently the creators of the series heard me, because this version has two modes: Classic, which is hard and full of evil, and Casual, which is wussy and perfect for me.

And I excel at wussy games! So I'm pretty damned far in the game. And I was so shocked when I found out that the characters could get together (though BOO ON NO GAY RELATIONSHIPS!!! Though yes, later I understood why, BUT STILL, BOO~), and I didn't even know it could happen until suddenly Chrom was married and I was like, SHIT OOPS, but also, AWWWW, because he marries someone who is awesome and, as it turns out, ADDS DELICIOUS HIDDEN DEPTH AND ADDITIONAL EMOTIONAL CUTSCENES. (Yes I will tell you who in the comments, because I don't want to spoil anyone.)

And Terry is playing too! But because I hog the DS, I play more than him, so I have to sit on a mountain of spoilers until he catches up. And, by the way? The game is perfect for pain spikes, because I can sit there resting, thinking it's only been a half-hour, and suddenly three hours are gone and I need to pee. Awesome.

I ALSO LOVE SOULLESS BY GAIL CARRIGER. If you love Victorian supernatural minute-steampunk romance, YOU WILL FOREVER LOVE SOULLESS. I love Alexia. And Conall. AND EVERYONE.

So yeah. I've been OCCUPIED. If anyone else is playing Fire Emblem/reading Soulless, TALK TO ME HERE. I WANT TO SHARE.
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