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So, I know I promised two posts containing two separate holidays, but despite remembering to bring my camera and use it, I forgot the cable at my mom's - and I'm at Terry's house for the next week. Whoops.

I plan to grab it on Monday, when I go see my mom on my way back to Terry's on my meds run. It's very possible that this means the posts will be up by Monday or Tuesday.


(Also, for those of you on LiveJournal, I managed to update my settings from here and DW. All my posts have been cross-posted, but to sum: I won't be on LJ anymore, unless you link me to it. I've lost interest, at the moment, with it. I like DW better. So I'll be updating primarily on DW, and only reading entries from DW. I will always crosspost, but don't forget: I'm not reading LJ anymore. If you wish to link me to something there, do so, but otherwise just assume I know nothing about what goes on there, because I don't know, and I really am not sure if I want to.)
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