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Birthdate:Apr 5
Location:Mississauga, Canada
Website:My AO3 Account

I am female, in my thirties, chubby, short-haired, and loud.

I like reading, writing, anime, and complaining.

I'm in a relationship with Caster13, and have been since 9-17-2002. Yes, we are married (9-17-2016) but no, we won't be having any children. However, I do plan on building a future with him, and perhaps having a cat or dog (or both) with him. He's my best friend, and has been for a long time now. I can't imagine my life without him.

I live with my husband and currently am unable to work due to a chronic illness that makes me unfit to do so.

I write fanfiction and my own fiction as well. I've never been published, but that's mostly because I'm too afraid of rejection to try. That, and my eternal laziness and apathy keeps me from completing a submittable piece of work.

Most of the entries are for public viewing, but some of the more offensive or embarrassing things are put behind a friends-lock. You know, just to protect myself and those involved. For this journal, most public entries will be about public discussion. The rest - which will be locked - will have original writing and various musings on daily life.

This account is updated every Monday, with imported content from my Livejournal account of the same name.

Interests (150):

12 kingdoms, alice 19th, alphys/undyne, amélie, ancient egypt, ancient history, anime, animorphs, avatar: legend of korra, avatar: the last airbender, bakuretsu hunters, beast wars, being omoni, bishoujo, bishounen, books, buddhism, cabbage man/cabbages, carl sagan, cartoons, chaos magic, classic movies, classical music, cleopatra, coffee, comics, cornelia funke, cyber six, devnada rada, dogs, douglas coupland, drawing, due south, everworld, fafa, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy written by atheists, food, freedom of gender, french, gargoyles, george carlin, ghost world, gilmore girls, haiku, harry potter, hellboy, history, hook, hyperbole and a half, i hate car commercials, inu-yasha, jane lindskold, japanese, jen lancaster, jk rowling, ka applegate, kare kano, kelley armstrong, kyoshi, kyoshi warriors, labyrinth, laurie notaro, lipstick pirates, lj smith, lost universe, lunar: eternal blue, lunar: silver star, m*a*s*h, magic, magic knight rayearth, mai, mai/knives, mai/zuko, maison ikkoku, manga, margaret george, megumi hayashibara, mermaid saga, michael ende, mike and bryan, moribito, my dog nimue, nimue, nintendo, old indian dance music, ooku: the inner chambers, orange pekoe tea, ouran host club, pauline gedge, peace, peter and wendy, piano, playing with my hair, politics, puppies, queen elizabeth i, quizzes, ranma 1/2, reading, realism, rin-ne, robertson davies, rumiko takahashi, sacrifice, sarcasm, scott pilgrim, scrapped princess, septimus heap, shadow raiders, shonen-ai, shoujo-ai, sinfest, slayers, something positive, space, spice and wolf, strangers in paradise, subtitles, sugar, suki, suki/sokka, sushi, svetlana chmakova, tales of the abyss, tetris, the abhorsen trilogy, the deptford trilogy, the four seasons, the history of magic, the land of elyon, the neverending story, the slayers, the triple s archives, the triple s series, toph/sokka/suki, toph/the world, toradora!, toriel/asgore, undertale, war and peace, war planets, weirdness, wolves, women, women of the otherworld, writing, young wizards, zuko

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