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Unfortunately, the issue with Twitter was never resolved, and actually, was never even looked into. Despite the fact that today, I had to RE-BAN people I banned previously from hacking my account and adding themselves to my follow list! I hate people like these, people who are such follow-whores that they would do anything to see "random numberK" on their fucking following list.

I don't like that. I don't appreciate having my account hacked. I don't appreciate being ignored, five times, when I appealed to @Twitter to look into my account and fix the problem. I don't like attaching myself to a fun forum and meet wonderful people, only to have my privacy violated and disrespected.

My last tweet will be a link to this entry, and I'm going to sign out of it until the problem solves itself. I don't want to delete it yet, despite the fact that I damn well could and Twitter still wouldn't give a shit. Rather, I want EVERYONE to see what Twitter thinks is right. I want EVERYONE to pass this entry around, see my damaged and hacked account, see my appeals to the official Twitter of Twitter be ignored.

And then I want everyone to do something about it, to make Twitter actually give a shit about its users and their rights to privacy.

Shortly after this post goes live, I will be linking it on Twitter and then logging off of the page until the problem resolves... or gets so bad that I have to delete it anyway. I hope the former, but expect the latter.

If you've suddenly noticed new names on your account that apparently you now follow but never added, YOU HAVE BEEN HACKED. Nothing you do, be it change your password (twice) or make your tweets private, will ever keep you from being hacked again. These idiotic, insecure, desperate little babies will lack onto your handle and not let go until have reached whatever thousandth they desire before they feel famous.

If this sounds familiar, DO SOMETHING. Tweet to @Twitter and demand they do something. Give the names of these violators of privacy, report them as spam, block them, and keep harassing @Twitter until they fucking wake up.

It didn't work for me. Maybe it will for you. And yes, keep me posted. I do love the idea of Twitter. I just wish it had better ethics and standards.

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Date: 2014-01-23 02:32 pm (UTC)
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I'm gonna miss you on Twitter, dear. I'll see if I can bring it to their attention, but if they weren't listening to you, I've a feeling my comments will fall on deaf ears. I'm glad I still have this account, even though I never remember it! <33
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